A master storyteller, Madeleine is an engaging speaker. Whether speaking to an assembly of teenagers or a boardroom of executives, no two speeches are ever alike. With a high level of thought provoking interaction, fearless honesty and wickedly entertaining tales, Madeleine makes every event unique, memorable, and life-changing; from finding passion in everyday life, the vital need for risk in business, or encouraging youth to fearlessly stand out from the crowd.

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Every SRM talk is unique and tailored to your audience and your event needs. Optional interactive elements include: video presentations, informal pre-speech chats, Q&A sessions, workshops, motorcycle rides, tea parties... whatever works for your group. CONTACT US today to discuss what SRM can do for you.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Adventure isn't limited to feats of great physical exertion or danger. Adventure can be as simple as taking up a new hobby, acting a tourist in your own town, or taking a day trip to the countryside.

Freedom, Truth & Adventure: The Brilliant Rewards Of Taking Risks

The game has changed. Playing it safe gets you nowhere fast. What happens if you take that chance, pull your throttle, rev that engine? All the great success stories involve risk... are you ready to ride?

When The Good Life Isn't Good Enough: How To Be More Than Just "Nice"

Where do the rebels, the misfits, the weirdo's fit into a world where we're constantly told to "be nice" and encouraged to "fit in"? How does someone rally against a perfectly pleasant life to find their true selves?

Connection In The Modern World: Staying Connected To Ourselves

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Text, Skype, Voicemail... we are floundering in a sea of constant communication. Opting out isn't an option. How do we connect to what is real in an unreal world?